Stevie Martin: Vol. 1 Interview

Comedian, journalist and podcaster Stevie Martin is taking her debut show Vol.1 to the Pleasance Courtyard at the Edinburgh Fringe this year. Funny Women editor Kate Stone caught up with Stevie to talk about striking out on her own, vague show titles and changing the law…

Kate Stone: Your debut solo Edinburgh show is called Vol.1, this sounds rather scholarly, what is it about?

Stevie Martin: Oh no, absolutely not scholarly. You have to give yourself a name really early on so I picked something that could easily be changed into theatre or a children’s puppet show. There’s a month to go. It still could.

KS: We know you from the brilliant sketch group Massive Dad, what inspired you to write a solo show

SM: I just wanted to see if I could! Always good to tick it off the ole bucket list. And Tessa (also from Massive Dad) had a lovely time last year so that inspired me a bit.

KS: How did you get into comedy?

SM: I was in The Durham Revue at university with Liz and Tessa in Massive Dad, so we just decided to keep it going post uni after we’d given the real world a bit of a go.

KS: You also have a podcast, Nobody Panic with your fellow Massive Dad member Tessa Coates all about ‘adulting’, any adulting tips you’d like to share with us?

SM: It’s all about blagging, don’t smoke and even Richard Branson and Beyonce sometimes feel like they’re not an adult so you’re doing fine.

KS: Your sister, Gina Martin, campaigned to make upskirting illegal, can you catch us up with what’s happening with that, post-Chris Chope’s actions?

SM: From what I know, there’s a government bill going forward which means if all goes to plan, the law should hopefully get changed to make upskirting a sexual offence which is amazing. I’m so proud of her!

KS:And lastly, who are your favourite funny women?

SM: Big fan of acts like Lazy Susan, Sarah Kendall, Sara Pascoe and of course Tessa Coates. There are too many to name – I’d have to write you a book!

Stevie Martin: Vol 1 is at the Edinburgh Festival Fringe this August. Tickets available here! 

The Nobody Panic podcast is available to download on Acast and iTunes.