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If a night of slick and imaginative entertainment is what you’re after, A Really Really Big Modern Telly will be just your cup of tea.

Kate Stokes and Claudia Summers make up the energetic comedy duo Stokes and Summers. In a titillating evening of short comedy plays and lively sketches, they invite the audience to condemn modern life with plenty of laughs thrown into the mix.

It’s a dynamic rollercoaster of a show that’s all tied together with regimented structure. With tightly choreographed movement, spirited announcements starting and ending each section, and a super fun intro that warns us exactly what to expect, the duo has got the audience in the palm of their hand right from the outset.

The inventiveness of the pieces on show is fantastic. From a twist on the Narcissus myth that’s set in a country club, to hilarious Lynchian projections when one of Summers’ characters gets stuck inside a telly, I’d love to know where they get their ideas from and drink a little from that cup!

Stokes and Summers are destined to go far. Summers has that hard to define watchability that just commands attention, while Stokes transforms herself into a multitude of characters with ease and complete control.

This fabulously fun piece of comedy is the perfect remedy for a day at the office. Rounded off with a showstopping rendition of Chicago’s Nowadays (with a twist that I won’t spoil but which involves some wonderfully sparkly unitards), I left the theatre with a smile on my face and a lilt to my step.

Stokes and summers are definitely ones to watch. I can’t wait to see where they go next!

A Really Really Big Modern Telly was at Ye Olde Rose and Crown. For more information on what comes next, follow Stokes and Summers on Twitter @RRBMTELLY.