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Grown Up Land

I have been travelling a lot lately so portable entertainment is essential.  For those of us struggling with adulthood in a difficult climate, may I recommend Grown Up Land, a podcast that explores what it means to be an adult in our modern times.

A potentially dark and anxiety-generating theme turns out to be a great listen as comedians Mae Martin, Bisha K. Ali and Ned Sedgwick describe their own experiences while Steve Ali pitches in with some welcome perspective.

16 x 30-minute episodes make up the first season of podcasts which are currently available to download from the BBC. They cover themes that include becoming an adult, the dreaded future, money, travelling, dating, activism, and so much more.

As well as the comedians personal experiences and opinions, the podcasts explore the science behind our anxieties and what the World Wide Web can offer in respect of advice and information.

Every week Ned Sedgwick challenges himself to experience something new outside of his comfort zone and Steve Ali gives us his cold perspective as a Syrian refugee, making everyone aware of their own privilege.

Grown Up Land is co-created by Deborah Frances-White for The Spontaneity Shop and BBC Radio 4.  You can listen to it here.