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Griefcast Podcast

I’m an avid podcast listener, whose podcast playlist is never ending and never, ever up to date. I’m always, always looking for suggestions to bulk out my podcast subscriptions even more! Why not start with British Podcast Awards Podcast of the Year 2018?

Griefcast is a podcast about “grief, death, pain and agony”. Too dark? My heavy podcast listening had previously put me on to conversations about Dead Moms and Dead Dads, with some of my favourite comedians, about losing their parents at a young age. They had been emotional learning experiences for me. Together with everyone telling me to listen to Griefcast, it came with high expectations.

I’ve been binge-listening to Griefcast for this past week, and it hasn’t turned me into a depressed, death-obsessed person. Cariad Lloyd is great at leading the conversations, which can sometimes dip to more dark places, and keep them going. The episodes span the gauntlet of emotions, with some being quite shattering, like Kayleigh Llewellyn’s episode, and others being quite light, like the live episodes. Cariad’s promise at the start of each episode that conversations between comedians never get that depressing is fulfilled and I haven’t spent my week crying in the streets with my earphones in.

For me, podcasts represent conversations between friends, with whom I spend my days, feeling closer to people I haven’t necessarily met before. Griefcast fits within what I look for in my podcasts, open and candid conversations between people I may or may not have seen on TV before, and what I look for in my comedy, material that will make me feel all the emotions and laugh along.

You can listen to Griefcast here.