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Bec Hill: Out of Order

Something may be out of order in the naming shows business as two of the shows I’m reviewing for the website have the same name! I’ve watched them four days apart and only noticed it when putting reviews to paper (or to keyboard), which either means show naming is not that important, or that I have to pay better attention to details.

Just seeing Bec Hill puts you in a good mood! Fun, happy clothing and the amazing hair and makeup are a good sight at the end of a long day. She was mingling with the audience, offering colourful balls to people, which made it even more fun and childlike. The show is not meant for children though with a handful of more mature jokes, even if technically some of those were written by children.

Bec Hill gives the audience control, or at least the sense of it, by letting you choose the order of the show. From short, to the point jokes to longer, amusing stories about her life, my favourite part of the show has to be the amazingly constructed paper and illustration props, which I even feel wrong calling props as they are so much more than that.

I won’t tell you what the colourful balls were for as I hope there will be new chances for audiences to watch the show. A fun evening of (not so) childlike wonder.

You can find more about Bec Hill’s work and live dates here.