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Trishelle: Out of Order

Massively disappointed with my heavy schedule and my calendar clashes that won’t allow me to catch many shows at the London Clown Festival. A last minute cancellation allowed me to catch Trishelle: Out of Order, last Friday at Farr’s School of Dancing.

Funnily enough, even though I live in the neighbourhood, it was my first time at the venue. It’s a cool and quirky venue, that apparently came with some technical issues that delayed the start of the show.

The show, a work in progress – even though it wasn’t marketed as such – follows this one character, Katie and her friend Trishelle, both struggling through life and addiction. It’s a quest for human connection and redefining sobriety – away from the 12 step programme which was founded by two white guys in the 1930s and may be difficult to relate to by the wider population.

The one performer on stage manages to connect with the audience and gets them to share a bit about themselves, without ever breaking from the character choices they committed to. Trishelle: Out of Order is a brave performance piece that leaves you thinking about what really makes you happy.

The London Clown Festival is on across London until 3rd June.