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Shappi Khorsandi: Mistress and Misfit

I went to see Shappi Khorsandi: Mistress and Misfits at The Soho Theatre and loved it. I laughed all the way through and left inspired to take her example in my own work.

It was slightly unsettling to get in the room and such a sumptuous set dressing for a stand up show, but we were quickly put at ease with the knowledge that the set belongs to the play on at the theatre right before and that the comedian is changing in the toilet so as not to disturb the cast’s dressing rooms. It made it much easier to not get distracted by her surroundings.

At some point in her show, Khorsandi tells us whores and comedians shouldn’t be reviewed the first time you experience them as everyone has a bad night. I’m doing just that, as this was the first time I saw her perform, but if she wasn’t having a good night, I’m excited to see her when she does have a good one as this was a pretty good show!

Mistress and Misfit is a show centred on the historical account of the life of Lady Emma Hamilton, Horatio Nelson’s mistress, but don’t let yourself be fooled, as you’ll hear enough about Shappi’s own life. The comedian’s interest in Hamilton’s life may come from the apparent parallels in their lives in the first place, but the way that’s made clear during the duration of the show is a source of great amusement. The way she effectively plays with the audience, makes the conversation just that little bit too personal, but never lets it get uncomfortable, was great to see.

The show is on until the 19th of May at The Soho Theatre and I very much recommend it.