Kate Stone

Kate Stone

Susan Calman to be awarded Honorary Doctorate

It’s not her yearned for role of Doctor Who, but Susan Calman is to receive an honorary doctorate from Glasgow University.

Susan is being recognised not just for her work as a broadcaster and comedian, but also for highlighting mental health issues and LGBT rights, the comic will be among 23 other people receiving an honorary doctorate.

Susan read law at Glasgow University, where her father, Sir Kenneth Calman, the former chief medical officer of Scotland, England and Wales, is chancellor.

The Glaswegian has been vocal about her mental health whilst on Strictly Come Dancing and in her debut book Cheer Up Love.

She has used the public platform she received from being on Strictly Come Dancing to speak about her depression and suicidal thoughts, which she has also covered in her book Cheer Up Love.

Congratulations Doctor Susan Calman!

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