Not Yet Suffragette! We interview Natalie Cutler

After winning rave reviews at the Brighton Fringe last year, Natalie Cutler’s show Not Yet Suffragette is making its London premiere at Theatre N16 in Tottenham! We caught up with Natalie to talk about her show and her plans for a matriarchy!

Funny Women: Tell us about Not Yet Suffragette!

Natalie Cutler: Not Yet Suffragette premiered at Brighton Fringe to a five star review from Broadway Baby, was nominated for ‘Best Show At The Fringe’ out of 900 shows and last year was named as one of the Top 10 Theatre Shows of 2017. This is the first time Not Yet Suffragette is coming to London.

FW: What inspired you to write Not Yet Suffragette?

NC: Ok. I’m just gonna say it… I don’t believe in gender equality. I don’t want it. I want a Matriarchal society. The men have had their run for a good few thousand years now and #timesup. Sure we can all be equal one day – but I’d like us to get our own back first!

Not Yet Suffragette is a one-woman show I created to highlight and discuss the women’s rights issues we have faced within the last century. I was inspired to write Not Yet Suffragette because I found out that scientists have conducted tests that show people are more responsive to alternative perspectives and new ideas if they are laughing – I decided the only way to realise my dream of a matriarchal world was to make people laugh – so they don’t notice I’m doing it! Now, isn’t that a far better war tactic than Hitler’s? Case in point one, as to why women make better leaders. I’m hoping Not Yet Suffragette will change the world using laughter.

FW: Do you think humour is a useful tool to spread a message then?

NC: I think it is the tool. If I was to stand in the street and talk about how babies should be named after women, not men, people would roll their eyes. But in my show, I build up a whole story to illustrate my point that is, in the end, a completely logical, fair – and funny request. I know the humour works because I have had grown men who I don’t even know message me after my show saying, “So me and my partner are having a baby and we are genuinely thinking about giving it her last name now”. Thats Awesome! I cried. This is exactly why I do this!

FW: You have partnered with 50:50 for your show. How did this come about?

NC: I have been following 50:50 ever since I premiered my show at Brighton Fringe, always hoping one day I could work alongside them. When I found out I was coming to London for a run, I contacted Frances Scott [50:50 Founder] and asked if I could support the campaign with proceeds from my ticket sales and offer a 50:50 Q&A post one of my shows, and the rest was history. I talk a lot of politics in Not Yet Suffragette concerning the gender pay gap and tampon tax – and Frances’s message of “female representation shapes policy” really struck a chord with me. I believe in their message and what they’re achieving and just want to help be a part of it where I can with my own skill sets.

FW: Who are your favourite funny women?

NC: Tina Fey! Melissa McCarthy, Kristen Wiig – basically any female who has ever passed through the Saturday Night Live Doors. However, my absolute hero is Sandi Toksvig. I got to see her present at the WFTV Awards last Christmas and she blew my mind – I’m really hoping that’s how I turn out. Lastly, I’m addicted to the Guilty Feminist Podcast and anything  Deborah Francis White does. She has these amazing workshops she does with Jessica Regan called The Big Speeches and they are a must for any woman looking to develop their confidence and the importance of their own voice.

Not Yet Suffragette runs from Sunday 8th April to Thursday 12th at 7pm every night at Theatre N16 The Styx, Tottenham. Use our code funnywomen20 for 20% discount off tickets! For tickets and more information click here!