Meet 2017 Funny Women Awards Finalist: Thanyia Moore!

The standard of the 2017 Funny Women Awards Regional Finals has been exceptional. In recognition of this, we are pleased to announce four wildcards – bringing the 2017 Funny Women Awards finalists up to 10. The judges loved Thanyia Moore’s energy at her Regional Final at Hoxton Hall, we have added her as a wildcard to the 2017 Funny Women Awards final on 12th March!

Funny Women: How does it feel to be through to the Funny Women Awards final?

Thanyia Moore: AMAZING! I have feared competitions for five years and I felt like this was the best one to start with as it’s so supportive! I’m over all of the moons!

FW: How did you get started in comedy?

TM: I’ve always been a performer. One of my degrees is in Performing Arts and drama, so the stage is my home. I just had to work on the craft of being funny.

FW: Who is your comedy inspiration?

TM: Whoopi G, Micky F, Joan R, Gina Y

FW: Who are your favourite funny women?

TM: Me and my Mum!

See Thanyia Moore at the 2017 Funny Women Award Finals with host Jan Ravens on 12th March at the Duchess Theatre. For tickets click here! 

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