Meet 2017 Funny Women Awards Finalist Louise Young!

Last week we braved the snow and made it to Manchester for our last Regional Final, the extreme weather meant that not all our regional finalists could make it. However, we at Funny Women always believe the show must go on and the seven women who made it to Tribeca put on a fabulous show with hilarious host Barbara Nice, while the acts who couldn’t make it sent funny little video messages to make up for their absence. Hannah Platt got the show started using her dry wit to explain why she can no longer watch couples in porn. Lydia Bernsmeier-Rullow explained how the biscuit aisle could be used to indicate our emergence from recession, Megan Shandley was trapped in Scotland so sent a video message to announce she was staying home and enjoying not having to put trousers on. Great British Bake Off fan Sian Davies talked about ticking diversity boxes, Yorkshire-woman Steff Todd didn’t let being snowed in stop her from teaching us (and a passing sheep) a bit of French via video link and Brummie Lindsey Santoro is on a mission to rename bath bombs. Natalie Allison had to spend the evening snowed in with her parents in Scotland but Joanne Sarginson was on hand to share some acting tips. Lindsey Davies has a smart teen pregnancy deterrent while Susan Riddell had a reiki sketch up her video sleeve. Cath Rice talked Cagney and Lacey but it was Louise Young – sharing her Geordie trauma of having to buy a big coat due to the weather which kept her in Newcastle who won this Regional Final.


Funny Women: How does it feel to be through to the Funny Women Awards final?

Louise Young: It’s amazing to get to perform in the Funny Women finals. Every time I come along to a Funny Women show I meet some awesome people, and the calibre of performers is sky high. Just getting included in this mint bunch of people is wonderful. Also, so far, all 2018 has yielded is two speeding tickets and a sprained ankle so this has perked me right up.

FW: How did you get started in comedy?

LY: I used to do spoken word stuff when I was younger. Then I started to realise I wasn’t really doing it for the poetry anymore, but for the bits where I was making the audience laugh. I wasn’t sure if I’d be any good at stand-up so I did a comedy course at a local theatre. I stopped rhyming words and started writing jokes, and I’ve just run with it ever since.

FW: Who is your comedy inspiration?

LY: Joan Rivers. She was just everything. You watch interviews with her in her 70’s and she’s as volatile as Sid Vicious. I love how she was in constant motion with the times and totally unapologetic. She was just mesmerising to watch. And, of course, considering women in comedy, she was one of those who blazed a trail. I had tickets to see her, but she passed away before she came to the UK, I still get sad about it now.

FW: Who are your favourite funny women?

LY: So many! Ones I’ve been obsessed with for forever are women like Sarah Silverman, Julia Davis, Amy Poehler, Sharon Horgan, Katherine Ryan, Jennifer Saunders, the Broad City and Smack the Pony women.

You can see Louise Young at the 2017 Funny Women Award Finals with host Jan Ravens on 12th March at the Duchess Theatre. For tickets click here! 

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