Comedy Shorts Award – Finalists Announced

Thanks to everyone who submitted a film for the 2017 Funny Women Awards Comedy Shorts Award. We received over 150 entries and appreciate the immense amount of  hard work that went into making them!

You can view all the finalists’ films over at Comedy Central here!

The films entered demonstrated such a diverse range of humour, performance style, scope and ambition which made creating the shortlist an incredibly difficult task. It didn’t matter if you filmed with a huge crew, animated by hand, compiled stock footage or self-taped on your phone; if your idea was fresh and funny – you were in with a shot!

Under the watchful eye of our C0medy Shorts director, Becky Singh, in partnership with Comedy Central, all of our top 30 films were put through the same rigorous compliance and legal clearance process used for professional broadcast TV.  This means that our top 10 finalists have officially produced broadcast-worthy films!

And without further ado…  here are our 10 Finalists:

One Under – Ruth Pickett

PanettoneGate – Annie McGrath

Who is She? – Libby Burke Wilde

Black Square – Stevie Cooke

Any Time Any Place – Ariane Parry

Sam Thompson – Jennifer Nicholas

Polly – Cam Spence

Habits – Roxy Dunn and Alys Metcalfe

Perfect Match – Grace Parry

Dress Code – Those Three Girls (Susannah Adele Lucy Barnett Carly Sheppard)

Many congratulations and check our social media platforms to see when your films will be up and live for viewing on Comedy Central.

The 10 successful films are currently winging their way to our illustrious judging panel, headed up by Roisin Conaty, who will decide on the overall winning film.  This will be announced at the special Funny Women Awards, Comedy Shorts Final taking place at the Vault Festival on Sunday 4th March.  All 10 films will be shown in and full details and tickets are available via the Vault box office here.

As we received so many brilliant entries, we have created the following ‘Commended’ list of those films that we really liked:

The Fear – Kate Kennedy

Miffy and Buster  – Alice Etches and Nathalie Antonia

Harrassment Actually – Alice Sanders and Sarah Bennetto

RAFTAS – Victoria Rowe

Last Time – Christine Hooper

Still Standing – Laura McMahon

Stella Gets Her Wings – Emilia Reid

Spoon – Jess Bray

Great Expectations – Pip Swallow

Bear With – Alison Severs

Just Checking  – Yvette Goater

Spaghetti – Mairead Doyle

Shallow – Lily Pollard

Millenial – Lolly Jones

The Facebook Song – Stiff & Kitsch

Alice Trueman – Prince Charles

Ceri (with a C)  – Zara Nunn

Shower Business – Kat Sadler

Katy Poulter – Mum vs The World

Maria Genovese – Bubble

Katherine Biskupic – Funny or Beautiful

Monica Loomba – Making Partner

Never Have I Ever – Maggie Politi

The Girl Who Never Laughed – Annie McGrath

If your film didn’t make either list, please note that although many of them were very well executed, they used commercial music, lyrics, other people’s artwork, brand names, logos, quoted lines from other writers or were simply too long; all of which meant they couldn’t progress.

For more information about compliance and the process of commissioning and developing television and film content, Becky Singh who directs the Comedy Shorts Award is our special guest facilitator at our next Time of the Month on Tuesday 27th February, booking details here.

For feedback on your entry please email and please be prepared to wait for a response.

For tickets to the Comedy Shorts Award Final and screening hosted by comedy film buffs Suzy Bennett and Sooz Kempner, on Sunday 4th March at the Vault Festival, click here.

For details of all our Regional Finals and the Charity Final of the 2017 Funny Women Awards, click here.

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