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Jane Postlethwaite: The House

If you like your comedy quirky, dark and domestic then you should see 2015 Funny Women Awards finalist Jane Postlethwaite’s The House, based on a real place in Jane’s beloved Cumbria called Derwent Island House.

Come into the warm embrace of freelancer nana, Edith Lavender, who may be able to protect you from The Brownies of the house. Edith is one of many characters Jane has created to inhabit the house, where there has been – dun dun duuuuuun – a murder in the toy room! Aren’t we lucky? And a ‘live one’ at that.

Another new character of Jane’s is Greta Grunhouse, who was born in a test tube and experiments with plants in the greenhouse. Jane has also resurrected some old favourites, children’s author Joy Hope makes an appearance in the library and Kirsty Bird has set up a pop up cafe – though beware the birds, they love a bit of sugar.

Jane is fast developing a reputation for weird and wonderful Northern characters, who live in a world it is a pleasure to be invited into for an hour. A high concept show that’s been developed with a lot of love and attention to detail – all the while maintaining a very silly streak.


Jane Postlethwaite: The House is at Sweet Grassmarket at 13:30 until 27th August. For tickets and more information click here!