Alice Marshall: Blood

There’s a lot of dark comedy coming out of the Fringe this year and Alice Marshall’s Blood sits within a considerable roster of clever, challenging and creative shows which have acting and clowning skills as their core. 

Alice is not new to this with her second run at Edinburgh following a triumphant run at the Brighton Fringe this year when she walked away with the Best Comedy Award.  I can see why, as the mix of beauty and grotesque is compelling and her characters repel and delight in equal measure.   

There’s Greta Medina, a domineering relationship guru, a depiction of the bowerbird’s mating ritual with a little help from David Attenborough, a no-nonsense air stewardess on route to Magaluf, Unity de la Touch making a comeback after her debut in Alice’s 2016 show, Vicious, and Louise, the lipstick smeared crone on the prowl for a husband. Scene-setting videos between the sketches present a stripped back and realistically raw view of Alice’s screwed-up ‘real life’. 

This is a tremendously physical performance and Alice is tall and stunning so her sense of the grotesque is at comic odds with her model girl good looks.  The hot cave in which the show takes place condenses the action and makes it easy for Alice to pick on her prey for audience interaction, all of which is harmless good fun.

This is a great showcase for Alice’s acting and writing skills and is sure to catch the eye of casting directors and commissioners alike.


Alice Marshall: Blood is at Just the Tonic at the Caves at 17:20 until 26th August. For tickets and more information click here! 

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