Mae Martin: Dope

After last year’s Edinburgh show in which Mae collected questions from the audience to improvise around, it’s pleasing to see a whole new show, Dope. Mae is one of my […]

Carmen Lynch: Lynched

After a show that revolved around emotional abuse I have to say New York comic Carmen Lynch’s show is quite the palate cleanser. Acerbic, dry and very witty, not many […]

Sofie Hagen: Dead Baby Frog

Sofie is a very accomplished story teller, who can go from explaining necessary background information, to tragedy to punchline in a single sentence. I previously joked in a review that […]

Tiff Stevenson: Bombshell

Tiff Stevenson opens her show, Bombshell by telling us she is not just a ten, she is on Tinder just for the ego boost, but what she is really telling […]

Hannah Gadsby: Nanette

There are a ton of shows on this year’s Edinburgh Fringe featuring comics diligently ploughing the storytelling, sincerity and self-disclosure furrow, but Hannah Gadsby’s raw, intelligent and very funny Nannette blows all […]

Natalie Palamides: Laid

One woman show Laid, written by and starring Natalie Palamides, should have plenty of performers upping their game at the Edinburgh Festival Fringe! Laid is about a woman who lays […]