Kate Stone

Kate Stone

Jayde Adams is Jayded

If you’re in need of a pal who can recite various 1990s films word for word – and sing the soundtrack then Jayde Adams is your girl. And Jayde is looking for a companion, so you could be in luck. This show is all about Jayde’s apparent inability to keep friends.

Not just keep friends but keep friends from announcing the end of their friendship in spectacularly cruel ways. Hence the ample time for films. But 2014 Funny Women Award winner Jayde is tenacious, talented and has multiple tricks up her sleeve to wow any potential new friends. And Jayde has even developed a friendship test in order to avoid any more catastrophe.

Jayde wonders if her talent arsenal might be what’s putting people off, as she regales us with song, rap and uh, tai chi. But it is Jayde’s asides in which her charm lies and where you can see a real friendship budding. However as the comedian learns to love herself a song I’d like to see Jayde perform is ‘Let it Go.’


Jayde Adams is Jayded is at the Pleasance Courtyard Beneath at 21:30 until 28th August. For tickets and more information click here!


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