Kate Stone

Kate Stone

Can Oxygen Give Me A Boost?

I’m a writer. So I lead a rather sedentary life. Unless I have a deadline looming and then I’m all for big tasks, such as driving to the supermarket to do the Big Shop, cleaning the bathroom, taking photos of clothes I no longer wear for Ebay, going to the market and buying plants, which I call my plant babies and care for as I would my own hypothetical baby. By which I mean I water them once a week, hope for the best and they’ve all gone a bit brown round the edges. Anyway, anyway. What I am saying is when you spend most of your day sitting down you can get a little drowsy – which is where Boost Oxygen comes in.

Boost Oxygen is, uh, flavoured oxygen in a can. The can has a small mask attached that you place over your mouth. You pull the trigger and ‘activate’ or shoot a blast of oxygen with a hint of an aroma of your choice. There are Boost Oxygens that can also help alleviate the symptoms of jet lag and a hangover – as a writer I tend not to deal with jet lag once I have been known to wake up with a hangover, as is my writerly duty.

There is also a Boost Oxygen that claims it “enhances the available Oxygen to the skin and assists in the repair and regeneration of Collagen and Elastin tissue. Breathing Boost Oxygen BEAUTY also protects against the ageing affects of air pollution and stress.” I am obsessed with anything that has anything to do with anti-ageing, because whilst I am but a millennial, I am one who remembers cameras with film that you had to wind on YOURSELF and dial up.

So, Boost Oxygen kindly sent me a can of Boost Oxygen BEAUTY with Natural Pink Grapefruit & Frankincense Aroma to try. It’s quite a pleasant sensation. I am a very good patient and I am happy to keep up a routine that involves taking medicine everyday or, in this instance, huffing on flavoured oxygen each morning and evening and when I feel like it. Frankly it makes me feel dreadfully important to down tools, announce to no-one that I need to inhale some oxygen and then do so.

And it does perk me up. I can’t see much improvement in my skin but then as I said… I am but a millennial. Could I simply remind myself when feeling anxious, tired or hungover to just take a deep breath? Yes, but where’s the fun in that? Besides breathing in oxygen with a faint twang of grapefruit makes it all the more refreshing. In fact while taking a deep breath might be beneficial, with Boost Oxygen you get a sensation in your lungs that means the refreshing sensation lasts a little longer.

At £24.99 it’s definitely a luxury item for fitness enthusiasts and those like me who love novelty in their beauty products. It’s certainly better for you than laughing gas but you might need to take a deep breath before you buy a Boost Oxygen product.


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