Kate Stone

Kate Stone

Samantha Baines talks Vaginas with Stylist Magazine

2014 Funny Women Awards finalist Samantha Baines has been sharing her thoughts on the vulva on Stylist Magazine with some vagina facts that are a bit below the belt. In a rebuff to the Gwyneth Paltrows of the world who embrace a vaginal steam or even a vagina facial, Sam doesn’t think the noble vagina needs changing at all:

“Vaginas are like weeds – we’ve been told they are ugly and bad, but weeds are pretty self-sufficient. They grow and flower all on their own, they don’t need pruning or watering.”

In fact, Samantha has some news for Gwyneth: “Did you know our vaginas are actually self-cleaning? Like cats. Which gives a whole new meaning to the term ‘pussy’.”

Watch Samantha’s hilarious video here! 

You can catch Samantha’s work in progress show 1 Woman, A High Flyer and a Flat Bottom at the Brighton Fringe on Friday 2nd June, Saturday 3rd June and Sunday 4th June. For tickets and more information click here!


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