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Brighton Fringe: Muriel – Bad Master

An English woman, an American woman and an Irish woman walk into a theatre. Hilarity ensues… Award-winning sketch group Muriel previewed their show Bad Master last night at Brighton’s Marlborough Theatre, with bonus stand-up from comedian Ross Smith – presumably so the audience would feel like they got their money’s worth. Or perhaps because Muriel feared there might be some people present who are a little sceptical of sketch comedy (shh, don’t tell our producer and sketch comedian Kate Lennon!).

Quite why such people would have come to a sketch show I don’t know, even warm up act Ross himself admitted that sketch is not his favourite form of comedy. But he is a fan of Muriel’s sketches and I think you will be too – although full disclosure, I AM a fan of sketch comedy.

In Bad Master, Janine Harouni, Meg Salter and Sally O’Leary have some highly original and witty skits, mixed with some spoof videos that send up current vlogger trends and sketchy editing. This is a very fun show from which no trend is safe…

Their Laughletes improv team is probably their best creation – with a stinging take on live improvisation, some completely spontaneous choreography and a little in joke for anybody who has sat in an Edinburgh Fringe Festival venue wondering if they will manage to leave without contracting legionnaire disease.

It’s not often you see a sketch group who can successfully pull of a call back joke, Muriel are off to a strong start with this Work in Progress.

You can catch Muriel tonight (17th May) at the Marlborough Theatre, for tickets and more information click here! 

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