Kate Stone

Kate Stone


The Crazy Coqs bar in the plush and extravagant art deco paradise that is the Zedel Brasserie is not typically the kind of room where you’d expect to watch comedy, let alone a sketch show about a brain tumour, but for Charly and Ellen’s penultimate performance of Britney, it gave this heart-achingly funny show the gravitas it thoroughly deserves.

Britney is the story of Charly and Ellen, best friends for life, blood sisters, sharers of many hats, until one day Charly is diagnosed with having a brain tumor which turns the pairs world upside down. This is Britney.

This kind of subject matter is not easy to transpose into material that a typical audience would understand let alone laugh at, but what Charly and Ellen do so well is break down the facts of their story into bite-size and hilarious chunks, feeding the audience with word-play, genre-specific sketches, insane characters and at times, a gritty and emotional portrayal of what they were going through as individuals.

Although devastatingly raw when you consider that Charly and Ellen are only just 24 years old and have already been through so much together, Britney is a laugh out loud celebration of their friendship and love for one another and that not matter what, laughter is sometimes the best medicine.

The LAST EVER showing of BRITNEY is tonight (9th May), 9.15pm at the Zedel Brasserie. Tickets can be purchased HERE

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