Kate Stone

Kate Stone

Brighton Fringe: Athena Kugblenu

Athena Kugblenu was going to give us all a Reality Check, but then Theresa May stepped in with her snap election – the one she promised she wouldn’t call and had the country collectively KMTing. If you can’t guess from the context KMT stands for, it’s an acronym for the Caribbean Patois expression ‘kiss mi teeth’, in which you demonstrate annoyance with your lips. And teeth. Try it, it’s actually very cathartic.

KMT is all about politics, class, race and identity. It’s interesting that a show touching on these subjects doesn’t punch up or down. Instead Athena shares funny and well thought out observations that draw the audience together.

What could risk turning into a lecture (a lecture that, I should stress, we need to hear) is kept effortlessly light with original takes on subjects such as the perception of people’s names, privilege and white dreadlocks. The last not being an easy subject to broach in Brighton – my hometown does love a white dreadlock. Especially as Clive, who runs the Caroline of Brunswick where Athena is performing during the Brighton Fringe, sports some very fetching black and blue dreads. It’s a testament to Athena’s natural charm that there were no awkward moments during this set.

KMT is a witty, thoughtful show and a must see at the Brighton Fringe.

Athena Kugblenu is performing at the Caroline of Brunswick on the 13th and 20th May. For tickets click here!


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