Kate Stone

Kate Stone

Rosie Wilby Book Reveal EXCLUSIVE

We are delighted to exclusively reveal the cover of Is Monogamy Dead? Rosie Wilby’s brand new book, to be published by Accent Press. The blurb tells us to “Prepare to enter the world of love-affair friendships, cuddle buddies, metamours, platonic partners, logical family, post-romance break-up energy, platonic snogging, romantic footprints and date substitutes…”

is monogamy dead FINAL

Part memoir, part sociological study, in Is Monogamy Dead? Rosie will highlight the huge disparities in how people define a ‘relationship’ and what constitutes ‘cheating’. Rosie draws on her own experience and interviews with dozens of people, gay and straight, male and female, to discover that, even if we think of ourselves as ‘monogamous’, we might not be truly faithful in everyone’s eyes.

A brilliant mix of humour, heartache and science, this is a book for anyone interested in human motivation and behaviour, relationships and sexuality.

Is Monogamy Dead will be available 3rd July 2017, you can preorder here!

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