Kate Stone

Kate Stone

Kerry Godliman & Jack Dee to star in new ITV Sitcom

2016 Funny Women Awards host Kerry Godliman and Jack Dee are set to star in a brand new ITV sitcom called Bad Move, written by Jack Dee and Pete Sinclair with whom he also wrote Lead Balloon.

In Bad Move Kerry and Jack play a married couple, husband and wife have been married before and they have decided to leave the rat race of the city for their dream home in the calm of the countryside.

However, it turns out the pair have not done their research and their dream home is located in what locals call ‘The Dip’. It is a place that receives no internet signal but plenty of flood water. Upon discovering they have been had by shameless estate agents, architects and builders the couple find they are stuck with no finances to return to the city. Instead they have to put a brave face on.

Jack Dee said: “This is a comedy about the grass always being greener on the other side of the fence – until you jump over the fence and realise it’s an algae-covered stagnant pond of sludge.”

ITV’s comedy commissioner Saskia Schuster commented: “Jack Dee and Pete Sinclair’s brilliantly funny scripts pit these two misguided characters against their new environment, two characters who could also learn from the adage, ‘pride comes before a fall.'”


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