Sara Pascoe to adapt Pride and Prejudice

Last year she wrote a book, this year Sara Pascoe is adapting one for the stage. Jane Austen’s classic Pride and Prejudice is going to be adapted by the comedian for the stage, with an emphasis on comedy.

Sara says her take on the novel will be “playful, truthful and occasionally disrespectful”

“I am massively excited to be adapting the book for the stage and demonstrating Austen’s courage and wit to a new generation of theatre goers. I hope our fresh and funny version will make existing Pride and Prejudice fans fall in love with the characters all over again.”

Director Susannah Tresilian said: “It is a dream come true to be asked to direct a new adaption of Pride and Prejudice, one of history’s greatest love stories.

“I’m interested in taking a fresh look at it, whilst staying loyal to the original. I’m so pleased to be working with two other Austenites, the brilliant Sara Pascoe and Emmy the Great, to create an authentic Pride and Prejudice for a modern audience – combining, one might say, a 21st century sense with a 19th century sensibility…”

The stage show is being co-produced with York Theatre Royal, the theatre says: “The most famous love story our country has ever produced, yet the women don’t work, the servants don’t speak, and who cares how filthy rich Mr Darcy is when he is so arrogant and RUDE?

“Georgian England was a world where men had property whilst women had smelling salts and piano lessons. Lucky them. Elizabeth Bennet is witty and clever, has terrible manners and muddy shoes. But with no independence, is her ending actually happy? Or have we been distracted by Colin Firth and frilly shirts?

“If you’ve always heard people saying “Austen is so funny” and you never got it – you will now.”

Sara Pascoe’s Pride and Prejudice will be at the Nottingham Playhouse from 15th-10th September and feature an original score by Emmy the Great.