NextUp presents British Comedy on Demand

A brand new Netflix style service, dedicated to British comedy called NextUp has been launched today. You can see comedy from Luisa Omielan, Lou Sanders and Grainne Maguire and many more, from the well known to the up and coming.

Co-founder Sarah Henley said: “The idea for NextUp arose because we as a team found it exceptionally sad that we would come to the Edinburgh Fringe every year and see incredible, lovingly crafted shows, which would maybe tour, but then disappear completely, with only a small handful of comics getting DVD deals. We personally know hundreds of people who would have loved to have seen those shows but couldn’t make it up to the fringe or don’t live in the towns the tours visit, – and our research tells us there are many thousands more who feel the same. NextUp will support comic talent and share comedians’ extraordinary work with a worldwide audience of stand-up comedy fans.  With our production arm they’ll be able to resurrect their favourite retired shows, or record their new ones as well as gain new fans from existing recordings. Audiences may be brought in by their favourite one or two big names but we hope they will quickly be encouraged to discover the breadth of great comedy the industry has to offer”

You can subscribe for £3.50 a month and comedians with specials up on the service will receive their cut based on the number of views they get. Lou Sanders’ show What’s That Lady Doing? is up on the new service, the comic said: “This means my Mum can see it and yours too. Also great for agoraphobics.”

We will definitely be subscribing, will you? You can find out more in the video.