Lynne Parker

Lynne Parker

Comedy Writing Award Shortlist announced!

We are delighted to announce the shortlist for this year’s Funny Women Comedy Writing Award!

The standard of entries this year has been particularly high, so in fact it’s a slightly longer list than usual.  It is a testament to the amount of talent out there writing and developing scripts.

The three finalists will be announced tomorrow after all the scripts have been reviewed by a panel of industry experts.  They will be invited to the final of the Funny Women Awards on Wednesday 28th September where the overall winner will be announced.


The Motherhood, by Abby Woolf

The Kings, by Becky Shaw

Savages, by Carol Walsh

Gary Patel Will Die, by Cassie Atkinson

Come Through Time With Me, by Emmy Fyles and Colleen Cambell

Full House, by Emily Jane Clark

Mephistopholes, by Janice Hallett

Mum Life in Crisis, by Katie Lee

Celebacy in the City, by Letty Butler and Philippa Howell

Blog Off, by Lorna Woolfson

Bunker, by Lucy Dwyer

Personal Assistance, by Milla X Tuokkola

Wannabees, by Nina Milns

Virtual Insanity, by Raven Lim, Persis Shaker and Joanna Sio

Party People, by Sasha Ellen

Lattes, by Tasha Dhanraj

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