Lynne Parker

Lynne Parker

Lucy Pearman – Crack In Progress Review

“Is this the egg one?” People are asking around me before they walk in, and some others nod. Word has got around about Lucy Pearman: Crack in Progress.

The lights turn off and the music goes up in what might be the smallest room at the Fringe. Four rows of people are crammed on the floor, on the edges of chairs and in each other’s laps.

The show is described as “relaxing nonsense” and I can’t think of a better way to sum it up myself. It’s a half an hour of stand up about an ambitious egg. It’s like watching a live Pixar movie.

It’s mad. It’s brilliant. It’s brave and I can’t think of anyone on the fringe doing anything like it. Lucy Pearman is doing something new with the form that pays off in a big way. She engages with her audience and there’s nobody in the crowds that feels unsatisfied by the performance. Pearman’s spent a lot of time thinking about that egg, and you can tell.

crack in progress

Crack In Progress follows the massive success of LetLuce, Lucy Pearman and Letty Butler’s double act that took the Fringe by storm last year. Somehow Lucy manages to carry the joy and colour and beauty of spectacular immersive comedy into her one woman show in a big way. You’re enraptured by her (well thought out and completely logical) nonsense. It’s fantastic.

let luce

Lucy Pearman is so very endearing to watch and an integral feature of pioneering new comedy in a big way. I thoroughly enjoyed every second, and I am excited to see what Lucy and the rest of the Weirdos collective produce next.


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