Kate Stone

Kate Stone

Amy Schumer Live

It’s difficult to remember that Amy Schumer’s fame is relatively recent. To the Brits she seemed to come from nowhere, this American comic burst onto the scene fully formed, with her own sketch show, SNL appearance and film all seemingly from nowhere. And now, of course, here she is with a live tour of Europe. Last night she ended her tour at London’s O2, a large arena that can be difficult for a comic to dominate, but Amy Schumer (as well as her support, Rachel Feinstein) managed this with ease.

Amy strode onto the stage brandishing a bottle of white wine (no glass, not even a straw, even Dylan Moran brings a glass on stage with him), it may have been Sunday night but this was supposed to be a party. Perhaps some of the audience was shocked by Amy’s frank talk about sex, semen and the farmyard between her legs, or maybe they were so au fait with such subject matter they didn’t feel a need to react at times the laughter was so subdued Amy noted the audience laughed like they were reading a funny book in private.

This is not to say the comedian was not doing her job. She most certainly was making us all laugh – but there was no danger of anybody heckling a request for her to show us her tits. Amy is a skilled and hardworking comedian who can segue from talking about being branded as ‘brave’ for posing nude to semen to gun violence and the tragic shooting at a showing of her film Trainwreck with ease.

Amy regularly noted that her fame might be fleeting, if it is – which I doubt – she’s enjoying every second and so are we.


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