Bae: Help!

Sophie and Nina want to help. To help you to help them help you. This show lampoons the self-help culture and the nonsense that can spew forth from self appointed […]

Catherine Bohart & Cally Beaton: Cat Call

When your performance space is small and hot, it takes a couple of smart cookies to put nice, thick-card flyers on every seat and invite the audience to use them […]

Norris & Parker: See you at the Gallows

You might think that gallows humour is an odd subject for two young(ish, I mean, Parker is 29) women to choose as the focus of an hour of comedy, but armed […]

Tiff Stevenson: Seven

Seven years ago Tiff Stevenson started doing stand up and a lot has changed since then…or has it? Tiffany’s life certainly has, considering her earlier shows focused on more personal […]

Hush little (food) baby

It happened again the other day. Was just sitting in the coffee room, minding my own business, when a nice lady I vaguely knew came over to me, smiled kindly, […]