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The Ruby Darlings sparkle at the Edinburgh Fringe

I first saw The Ruby Darlings full Edinburgh show in a sparkly lounge on a pink ship which seemed the natural habitat for this sexy, sassy threesome with voices like caramel and just enough lace clad upon their jealousy-inducing physiques, that would put a doily to shame.

Lily, Rachel and a token male pianist (on this occasion the delightful David provided the backing music), make up the trio but Rachel and Lily are the star attractions. They begin with a song that introduces the audience to what they are about, their troop and the sing song style which they must become accustomed to.

After some playful banter with the audience they launch into a song about, you guessed it, vaginas, and all the weird and wonderful names by which female genitalia is referred to! The audience are given mysterious cards with all the varying and highly amusing nicknames for the body part and are instructed to hold them up when they hear their nickname in the song. This playful level of interaction is just the beginning and throughout the show the audience are asked to divulge more personal information about themselves to the amusement of their peers.

Beginning with songs about the vagina, the pair then go on to sing about other areas of feminism that have never before been described through the medium of cabaret. Moon Cups, pubic hair and masturbation are some such topics you will be introduced to if you go and see The Ruby Darlings, but they attack the subjects in such a light-hearted, cheeky, pinch of salt way that you’ll leave smiling and humming the melody for days.

The brilliant thing about The Ruby Darlings is their irony. They have a very strong feminist message running through their songs, but are dressed head to toe in sexy lace dresses, ironic underwear, heels and red lipstick, but this makes their message all the stronger as they contradict the stereotypical views of what feminism should be.



You can see The Ruby Darlings everyday at The Voodoo Rooms, 8.10pm for more information click here!