Kate Stone

Kate Stone

Sooz Kempner: A Bit of a Character

2012 Funny Women Variety Award winner Sooz Kempner has two shows on at the Fringe, Queen and A Bit of a Character. So not only is she multi-talented Sooz is… multi-showed.

A Bit of a Character follows on from last year’s Character Activistwith some new characters, one of which is definitely not based on any persons living or dead. No matter what her estranged father might think, should he ever see the show. Last year Sooz was inspired by Dapper Laugh’s interview post disgrace, appearing on screen in a black polo neck defending her silliness and ridiculous characters. This year Sooz takes the opportunity to explain why she chose to do certain characters – some show how well she can wear a wig, another demonstrates that she can do more than one accent. Casting directors take note.


All of Sooz’s characters have a lot of soul, something only a performer willing to make themselves vulnerable in front of an audience can manage. There wasn’t a weak character of the four performed, all were able to veer off script, interact with audience members and could survive Sooz’s barbed and hilarious asides about past reviews and audience members.

An imaginative and delightfully shambolic show with characters that have a life (and songs) of their own, put it on your Edinburgh Fringe must-see list!


Sooz Kempner is at Just the Tonic at the Caves until 28th August. For more information and tickets click here! 


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