Kate Stone

Kate Stone

Alice Marshall is Vicious

Comedy actor Alice Marshall is a very slick and precise performer – which is no easy feat to maintain if you’re performing in a cave in Edinburgh. With a projector, very small wings to change in and a drippy ceiling.

Vicious is an instruction in love, as demonstrated by a series of characters led by the cold and aloof Greta Medina. Greta holds the show together in connecting video links that are funny not only for their slapstick moments and old fashioned VHS editing quality.

Alice has created a stable of characters that all pin point certain terrible truths about types we have encountered in the pursuit of love. Although few can say they have met Cheryl Tweedy-Cole-Versini-insert surname here. My favourite was probably the good looking young actor with a fashionable awkwardness about him who has decided to try his hand at stand up comedy. How hard can it be?!


Alice Marshall: Vicious is on until 28th August at Just the Tonic at the Caves. For more information and tickets click here! 

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