Sooz Kempner: A Bit of a Character

2012 Funny Women Variety Award winner Sooz Kempner has two shows on at the Fringe, Queen and A Bit of a Character. So not only is she multi-talented Sooz is… […]

Alice Marshall is Vicious

Comedy actor Alice Marshall is a very slick and precise performer – which is no easy feat to maintain if you’re performing in a cave in Edinburgh. With a projector, […]

Tessa Waters: Over Promises

Tessa Waters is probably the most free performer I have ever seen. This is the first time I have seen the bespangled woman on stage as herself rather than as […]

Danielle Ward: Seventeen

Danielle Ward is 37, in 1996 she was 17 and she remembers that in the ’90s being a teen was hard. However if you think this is going to be […]