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Lou Sanders: What’s that Lady Doing? Review

Lou Sanders excludes playful and imaginative charm. Her infectious energy blended with her quirky personality feels larger-than-life but also unmistakably genuine and because of this, she is a joy to watch.
For an hour Lou Sanders bounds around the stage, delivering an endearing performance that requires the mark of a true talent to make it all look so easy.
She expertly navigates her material through surreal flights of fancy to issues of sexuality and feminism, ranging from slam poetry to pubes.
Highly original and carving her own path, Lou Sanders brings you a madcap and ridiculous show that somehow remains grounded in reality. Lou Sanders is a brilliant combination of kooky weirdness, saturated in whimsy that is delightfully understated but never apologetic.
She merges the low-fi indie charm of Josie Long with the surreal prop-based comedy of the Weirdos collective. Highly recommended.
Lou Sanders: What’s That Lady Doing? will be at the Pleasance Dome 3rd – 16th and 18th-28th August. For more information and tickets click here!