Lynne Parker

Lynne Parker

Kirsty Newton – Life Begins at Party


Kirsty Newton. Previously an EXTREMELY talented musician, singer and comedy side kick to a plethora of famous comedians, but no more. In her debut solo Edinburgh show, Kirsty proves that not only can she hold her own on a comedy stage, captivate an audience and perform musical comedy to a high standard, but that she’s also a bloomin’ great party host! Welcome to the BEST birthday party ever!

At the start of ‘Life Begins At Party’ Kirsty explains that she will be turning 40 this year (she does not look it!) and the creation of this show was her challenge/present to herself, and what better present could a comedian expect to receive than that of an audience laughing, applauding and enjoying the show?!

Kirsty explores the evolution of the birthday party through the ages starting with children’s parties and takes us back to yesteryear with clever projections, well-known songs and classic party games! The audience get involved with streamers, whistles and party hats looking like a pro unicorn convention.

Next Kirsty moves into teen years and talks about her experiences with boys, alcohol and gives a few renditions of the songs she wrote with her band. Kirsty’s quick wit and sharp tongue really paint the painful picture of the embarrassment of those years, but she also provides her audience with a 4D experience when she hands around the Taboo and lemonade. Tasty.

Kirsty progresses the birthday party evolution through her clubbing twenties and Sunday lunch thirties culminating in a tender and beautiful song, offering her audience a moment of reflection before bringing on her special guest. The irony is that her guests will be comprised of those celebs she has had the privilege of working with over the years so the audience get a special treat too!

But now that Kirsty is turning 40, it is evident that she’s really got life sorted out. Happily married, in a career she loves and with a fantastic debut Edinburgh Show she is bound to go far. If not, she will always have a career as being a BRILLIANT party planner!


You can join the party at the Edinburgh Fringe because Kirsty will be performing at the Voodoo Rooms (Venue 68) at 4.55pm from the 6th – 28th August (excluding 15th and 22nd).

Tickets HERE

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