Kate Stone

Kate Stone

Luisa Omielan’s What Would Beyonce Do?!

It’s almost curious that comedian Luisa Omielan’s first book is titled What Would Beyonce Do?!, obviously it’s named after her hit show What Would Beyonce Do?, it would be silly not to capitalise its incredible success, but if anybody marches to the beat of their own drum, it’s Luisa.


Luisa’s bold and wonderful personality bursts forth from this book. Nobody is telling this woman how to write a memoir, this is clear when you open the book to be greeted with a cheery: “Hi babe” and you know what? That’s nice! Luisa has taken the comedy scene by storm with her shamelessly pop culture inspired and disarmingly smart material and her voice is irrepressible even when confined to print.

The book, like the show of the same name, is…not confessional because that implies there’s something to confess and Luisa’s message all about not being ashamed. Let’s say it’s a life laid bare. It’s touching, encouraging and filled with Luisa’s great observations about how the patriarchy makes victims of us all and how silly that is. It’s feminist without shying away from being girly and her professional, social and love life are addressed with equal importance.

For such a talented hard working comic Luisa deserves every success and I hope the live shows, the book and the DVD are only the beginning of her world domination.

Luisa Omielan’s What Would Beyonce Do?! is out now. 

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