Kate Stone

Kate Stone

We Shadows – Kickstarter

Since winning a Funny Women Award for best comedy script Christine Entwisle hasn’t been resting on her laurels. No sir. She’s  written a fantastic new script We Shadows and she needs YOU to help her get this film in the can with a Kickstarter.

Christine has already gathered a fantastic cast, Pippa Haywood of Green Wing and Clare in the Community will star as an ageing Shakespearean actress in this bittersweet comedy alongside Toby Jones. The script is for those who feel as though they are regularly passed over – something that seems to be an unwilling hobby for women over a certain age.

Toby Jones

Pippa Haywoods character is now working behind a make up counter, having suffered from the age and gender bias of theatre and film. Inspired by Helena in Shakespeare’s A Midsummer Night’s Dream she has a chance encounter with Puck, who can magic her to centre stage where all her dreams and nightmares come true…

Pippa and Christine have a mature discussion about the themes behind the film in this video.

The making of the film will be reward enough but there are plenty of rewards for those who donate to the We Shadows Kickstarter, from videos by Pippa to party invitations to the chance to be in the film! You can find out more about the film and donate here! 

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