Lynne Parker

Lynne Parker

Stage Award Regional Finalists Announced

We’ve travelled the length and breadth of the UK, seen over 400 acts perform live and watched hours of video. Drum roll please…

Here are the 40 acts going through to our regional finals in Dublin (Tuesday 26th July) London (Thursday 28th July) Manchester (Friday 29th July) and at the Edinburgh Fringe (Sunday 14th August).

Congratulations to everybody listed below, going through to the next stage:

Amanda Graham

Amira Saied

Amy Vreeke

Arielle Souma

Ashlee Bentley

Bryony No

Catherine Rice

Catherine Bohart

Danielle Grufferty

Elena Fedotova

Ellen Tomlinson

Emma Doran

Harriet Braine

Heidi Regan

Helen Bauer

Janet Garner

Jo D’Arcy

Joanne McNally

Kelly Convey

Katharine Ferns

Laura Byrne

Lindsey Santoro

Lisa-Marie Casey

Loren O’Brien

Margaret Mags

Mary Flanigan

Megan Shandley

Micky Overman

Moira Brady Averill

Rebecca Shortall

Rivka Uttley

Rose Robinson

Rosie Jones

Ruth Hunter

Sarah Mann

Sikisa Bostwick-Barnes

Sonja Doubleday

Sophie Henderson

Suzy Wilde

The Travelling Sisters

Now look out for the list of up and coming new talent deserving of our ‘Ones to Watch’ list – coming soon.

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