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Reality Checked by Athena Kugblenu

If the fact that Athena Kugblenu was a BBC New Comedy Award finalist isn’t enough to persuade you to go and see her, perhaps her many opinions will sway you. In the current political climate where so much is in flux it is surprising to me how few comedians on the circuit seem to be using the material of their surroundings. Athena is like a breath of fresh air, a woman unafraid to say what she thinks and cause a bit of a stir.

Half Indian, half Ghanian Athena has a rich family background to draw on and use to get her point across with some witty and self deprecating anecdotes. In her show, Reality Check, Athena examines life in Britain and the rest of the world and she has to ask: have we progressed? Hard to say with some of her all too recognisable observations, all delivered in a charming and sharp style. But when there’s such a funny woman on the stage, it’s hard to feel too down about the state of the world.

Be sure to look out for Athena Kugblenu, because she has things to say and we all need to hear them.

Athena is at the Brighton Fringe 28th May and 4th June for tickets and more information click here!