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Kate Stone

Rosie Wilby to publish book on monogamy

2006 Funny Women Awards finalist and broadcaster Rosie Wilby has signed up with independent publisher Accent Press and will be writing a non-fiction book Is Monogamy Dead? inspired by the comedian’s 2014 show of the same name in which Rosie puts 21st century relationships under the microscope.

Rosie Wilby said: “When I started reading and thinking about monogamy, I didn’t realise what an unruly can of worms I’d opened up. There were too many complex emotional questions to answer comprehensively in a comedy show. From performing stand-up at a sex party to celebrating my deepest platonic friendships, it’s been a heck of a mind-opening journey of discovery. So I simply had to start writing a book. It’s great to be working with Accent who just ‘got it’ right from the off.”

As you would expect from Rosie, the book will mix humour, heartache and science, examining human motivation and behaviour. It will be part memoir, part sociological study, the book is a journey of self-discovery with input from men and women, gay and straight. Rosie will delve into the idea that even if we consider ourselves monogamous, we might not be truly faithful – and is that so wrong? Expert advice and opinion will be provided by Dr Qazi Rahman of the Institute of Psychiatry at King’s College London.

Rebecca Lloyd, Senior Editor at Accent Press said: “Rosie’s book will really be something special – indulging the gossipy interest we all secretly have in the lives of others, but bringing a questioning eye, careful thought, open-mindedness and warmth. Is Monogamy Dead? raises important questions about the way we live in the 21st century and our relationships with those closest to us. Alongside this – of course – it is tender, personal and very very funny! It is going to be one of the most talked-about books of 2017. I can’t wait!”

Rosie Wilby’s book Is Monogamy Dead is due for release in July 2017. We can’t wait!


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