Victoria Wood dies aged 62

We are all heartbroken to learn that the comedian Victoria Wood has died today, after a short battle with cancer at the age of 62.

We all have our favourite lines, songs, sketches and shows from Victoria’s fantastic and varied oeuvre. In Dawn French’s documentary¬†Girls Who Do Comedy, Victoria said she was a shy child who used to pull faces to entertain her family when little. A talented pianist and singer Victoria met her future occasional comedy partner Julie Walters at university, where she was impressed with Julie’s confidence.

Victoria found fame in 1974 on the TV talent show New Faces. In the 80s she carved out a comedy career with the award winning show Victoria Wood As Seen on TV, becoming one of Britain’s most loved comic stars. She wrote the hilarious shows Acorn Antiques and Dinner Ladies as well as her one off drama Housewife, 49.

Victoria leaves behind two children and many devastated fans.