Kate Stone

Kate Stone

Vault Festival: Tar Baby

Vault Festival has released their 2016 line up and we have one show topping our ‘to see’ list on it – 2015 Funny Women Awards winner Desiree Burch’s show Tar Baby will be on from Wednesday 10th till Sunday 14th February at Brick Hall.

Tar Baby is a solo show that addresses the story of race in America, it is interactive and uses history, autobiography, current events and devised theatre to comment on the many minority experiences in American and beyond. Desiree draws upon her own encounters with racism in academia, the entertainment industry and personal relationships to examine how prejudice mutilates the soul and limits social evolution.

Centring round the folk tale Br’er Rabbit, Tar Baby is set in an old timey carnival in which Burch invites the audience to play games and see the sights wrought from the unholy union of race and capitalism. This is provocative, powerful and (because Desiree isn’t the 2015 Funny Women Awards winner for nothing) humorous piece that helps us engage with a sticky subject.

For more information click here! 

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