Jane Postlethwaite’s Podcast Spectacular!

I have started a podcast. I have wanted to for months, if not years. On my holidays in June, I sat on a Spanish beach working out how I would launch my podcast and what I would call it. I felt timid. Who would want to listen to me? Who am I to start a podcast?

Podcasts are already very popular in America. It feels like everyone who is anyone has a podcast – and why shouldn’t they? Obviously there are comedy podcasts that excel, like the Marc Maron’s WTF? Podcast and here in the UK the Stuart Goldsmith’s, Comedians Comedian podcast. Both of which I really love.

Am I trying to reinvent the wheel? No. I just wanted a platform to create content and put it out into the world. My content, presented the way I want. I wanted to capture a little bit of the comedy and creative conversations that I regularly have with my friends. I find them interesting and you might find them interesting.

In finding a name for my podcast I decided on a positive ‘power word’. Everyone, listen up. You have got to use more power words in your everyday life. They are empowering and show you mean business in a unapologetic way. So my podcast is the ‘Spectacular Podcast’ and why bloody not?!
I bought a Zoom recorder and started off by recording my Bad Book Project nights at the Marwood coffee shop and studios in Brighton featuring comedians reading from bad books. You can listen to them here. But I realised I needed to put my podcast plans into fruition and actually interview creative people; I needed to just get going. What was I waiting for?
Then I read Elizabeth Gilbert’s book, Big Magic and started listening to her podcast, Magic Lessons. I strongly recommend that you read the book and listen to the podcasts. Magic Lessons is all about getting people started with their creative projects. In this day and age this is more important than ever. People should go after what they want and not be afraid to make a noise – especially women.
I realised I just needed to make the leap and just make the podcast! Not doing my podcast was making me feel ill. I am not being dramatic here. Not doing the podcast was making me feel low on energy, not good enough and anxious. So I made the leap. I started by interviewing my friend who is a comedian. We talked about comedy and I asked him questions. It was that simple. And guess what? The world didn’t implode because I did a podcast and put it live!
In terms of expectations, I want my podcast to get an audience who likes to listen to creative people talk about their work, maybe get some tips and just enjoy listening to interesting interviews. All I know at this point is I love talking to my creative comedy friends and recording what they have to say. I have some more exciting people lined up to talk to – including some of my favourite funny women.
Podcasts are great for train journeys, walking, and general background ambience. If you fancy giving my podcast a whirl the Spectacular Podcast is now on iTunes and on Mixcloud.