Singing badly at a musical? Alert the press!

Browsing the local news reports recently, I spotted the following headline: ‘Woman “singing badly” removed from The Bodyguard musical’ ‘A woman who sang “loudly and badly” through a performance of […]

Ocean’s Eleven all female remake

First we had the all female Ghostbusters, now Sandra Bullock has confirmed that she will be leading an all female cast in a remake of 2001’s Ocean’s Eleven, itself a remake of […]

Are you Braver Than Britain?

The top 10 list of things British people are afraid of is disconcertingly predictable. We are, as a nation, a bunch of wusses. The list goes like this: Acrophobia — […]

Don’t annoy Kristen Wiig

Specifically, stop asking Kristen Wiig about women in comedy. She’s on the press circuit to promote her new film, Nasty Baby. Kristen plays a woman helping her gay friends to […]