Meet Funny Women Awards First Runner up Sarah Keyworth

Sarah Keyworth has been up to all sorts since coming first runner up in the 2015 Funny Women Awards, in fact she’s been so busy we have only just managed to catch up with her and find out some exciting news!
Sarah Keyworth
Funny Women: How does it feel to be first runner up in the 2015 Funny Women Awards?
Sarah Keyworth: It’s fantastic. I enjoyed the Awards so much, everyone was so supportive and I had a wonderful time with the rest of the Funny Women. To come second was a complete added bonus!
FW: What inspired you to enter the Funny Women Awards?
SK: I had entered a few new act competitions whilst gigging on the London Circuit. I had heard really good things about Funny Women and I felt the overall notion of something organised by women for women was great.
FW: How would you describe your comedy?
SK: The best way I have ever heard it described (because I am incapable of describing it myself) is “cheeky deadpan”. I think that pretty much sums it up. Sinister with a smile? Makes me sound creepy.
FW: In your set you make the transport in Nottingham sound quite harrowing, is this true?
SK: Oh not at all. I love Nottingham! We get a bad rep but I think that the case for a lot of cities. It’s just quite fun to play on people’s expectations in comedy. The worst thing I’ve ever seen happen where I grew up was an elderly woman drop a cucumber and have to chase it as it rolled down the street.
FW: Where can we see you perform next?
SK: You can see me performing in Harrogate and Northampton.
FW:  Who are your favourite funny women?
SK: How long have you got? I love French and Saunders, Katherine Ryan, Sue Perkins, Ellen Degeneres, Bec Hill, Twayna Mayne, Bridget Christie, Zoe Lyons, Francesca Martinez, Sandi Toksvig… I could go on all day.
FW: Any advice for anybody thinking about entering the Awards?
SK: Yes do it. Don’t hesitate. Go to Time of The Month and meet the team, meet the other funny women and rehearse your material.
FW: What has happened since you came second in the Funny Women Awards?
SK: Since coming second I have signed with United Agents! I have been booked to support Stewart Francis on two of his tour dates and I have registered my Leicester Comedy Festival solo show for February!