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Coming Out of My Box: A one woman show

Emma Stroud wears many hats and she will be talking about the different aspects of her life and how she fits into different boxes at the Museum of Comedy on 29th, 30th and 31st October.


Emma says: “Teenage Boy, Sex Machine Hetero, Clown, Victim, Mother, Business Woman’ – these are some of the boxes I’ve been in through my life.

They don’t define me, but they all tell a story of me, Emma.

When I decided to explore these boxes, I first had to identify them. My boxes, what they are, what they mean and why I was placed into them – that is my story.

I knew I was taking a risk. How often are we introspective? How often do we stop and really think of the journey that we’ve been through? How often do we look back to see how far we’ve come? Well, for me, that became important. It became something I had to do, because not doing it was causing a lag in my life.

Most importantly, I needed to understand why and how I got myself out. I needed to see that I am my own best friend, that I am responsible for casting aside the walls of my boxes and becoming my truest self.”

You can see Coming Out Of My Box at the Museum of Comedyfor more information and tickets click here!