Meet Funny Women Awards runner up Helen Monks

Helen Monks has already proved herself as a comic actress in Caitlin and Caz Moran’s Channel 4 show Raised by Wolves and as an occasionally mardy teen dairy farmer in The Archers as Pip. But at the Funny Women Awards Final she added stand up comedy to her talents, cracking us up with the challenges of white privilege. We caught up with her to talk about cash prizes, sandwiches and the Awards…

Funny Women: How does it feel to be a runner up in the 2015 Funny Women Awards?

Helen Monks: I am obviously very disappointed not to have come first as the prize money was significantly higher.

FW: What inspired you to enter the Funny Women Awards?

HM: The prize money.

FW: How would you describe your comedy?

HM: Saying things that aren’t that funny as though they are funny and seeing if I get away with it.

FW: We know you as an actor, what made you decide to try stand up comedy?

HM: As well as an actor I’m a writer, and stand-up is the best way of fusing the two!

FW: Where can we next see you perform?

HM: I’m about to start filming series two of Raised By Wolves, a sitcom on Channel 4. So you can see that on the telly early next year. Once filming’s finished I’m sure I’ll be back to stand-up so do follow me on twitter!

FW: Who are your favourite funny women?

HM: Caitlin and Caz Moran who write Raised By Wolves are gurus of comedy. I love Isy Suttie – can someone get on to her to bring back her radio 4 show, that was fab and I miss it.

FW: Any advice for those thinking of entering the Awards next year?

HM: I could not recommend entering Funny Women enough. It was such an amazing experience, with such a kind and caring team putting their heart and soul into making it all happen. I felt so looked after, so loved and so amused the entire way through the competition. I genuinely believe you will have a good time whether you fly or bomb hard. Do it if you’re funny, do it if you’re not funny – either way you get sandwiches and make friends. And sandwiches and friends are the two best things in the whole world.