Meet the Funny Women Awards Finalists…

It’s almost time for the some of the funniest women we have met this year to step on to the Kings Place stage to battle it out (in a funny way) for our coveted Funny Women Stage AwardBut before they do, we would like to introduce you to all of them.

In no particular order, please meet…

Desiree Burch

Name: Desiree Leah Burch

Hometown: Diamond Bar, California

Comedy Inspiration:Bill Hicks, Eddie Izzard. Carol Bernett. Living in cities, people watching and reckoning with the absurdity of being an  animal in a weird cement maze.

How long have you been performing comedy? I did my first ever  stand up set in college in 2001, but I’ve only taken it seriously for the past four years

How does it feel to be in the finals? I am deeply humbled and honoured to be included among the UK’s funniest female performers this year. Meeting the multi-talented, hard-working and intelligent women in this year’s pool, as well as the supportive Funny Women Producers, has been one of the highlights of my move to the UK.

Maggy Whitehouse

Name: Maggy Whitehouse

Hometown: South Zeal, Devon
Comedy Inspiration: Dave Allen and Eddie Izzard
How long have you been performing comedy? I first did comedy three  years ago, but had to take nine months off for chemo when I couldn’t perform  so it’s essentially two and a quarter years. First heat of Funny Women Awards was my second gig back on the circuit after being ill.
How does it feel to be in the final? Ecclefechan brilliant! A vicar in a  comedy final? My mother will be turning in her grave…just as soon as we bury  her.
Helen Monks
Name: Helen Monks
Hometown: Birmingham
Comedy Inspiration: I want Stewart Lee and Isy Suttie to have a baby and then I want to be that baby and be the best human being in the world.
How long have you been performing comedy? I am REALLY NEW TO LIVE COMEDY SCENE. My main job is being an actor. So my plan is to just ACT being good at stand-up.
Julie Ann Meaney
Name: Julie-Anne Meaney
Hometown: Ennis, Country Clare, Ireland
Comedy Inspiration: Graham Linehan, Malena Pichot and Cualca, and the consummate storyteller, my dad, Tom.
How long have you been performing comedy? Since the tender age of 29
How does it feel to be in the final? Getting into the final makes me feel like I’ve eaten a lot of curry – my stomach feels strange but the rest of me is thrilled. Meeting women, supporting them and collaborating with them is what this competition is about so I’m really looking forward to meeting the other Funny Women, laughing a lot, and maybe gaining another writing partner!

Sophie Duker

Name: Sophie Duker
Hometown: London till I die/move elsewhere
Comedy Inspiration: If I could create a hideous, hilarious Frankenstein’s monster of comics – Megan Amram, Daniel Kitson, Julia Davis, Luisa Omielan, Nick Mohammed, Chris Rock, Dylan Moran and the little lamb that lost its way (off the YouTube) would all be in there somewhere. That lamb has the most perfect comic timing I’ve ever
witnessed. I hope in a few years I can be half as good as her.
How long have you been performing comedy? Improv found me as a fresher at university in 2008 and I’ve been clamouring for the love and approval of strangers ever since in various wacky and wonderful troupes. I
started doing stand-up in February 2015.

Sarah Keyworth

Name: Sarah Keyworth

Hometown: Nottingham

Comedy Inspiration: Monty Python, Absolutely Fabulous, Diane Spencer and many more!

How long have you been performing comedy? I have been performing comedy regularly for 18 months.
How does it feel to be in the finals? It feels fab! I had a wonderful time performing at the semi-final – everyone was so welcoming, supportive and super kind. Getting to the final was a fantastic bonus and I can’t wait to have another Funny Women experience!
Rosanna Bosanac

Name: Rosana Bosanac

Hometown: London (originally Copenhagen)

Comedy Inspiration: I used to watch Stewart Lee every day, and he’s probably extended my life expectancy. I’m in awe of the way he re-defines and raises the bars for what stand up could be. Liam Williams is another favourite – he makes existentialism and self-despair seem more authentic than anyone else I’ve seen.
How long have you been performing comedy? It’s been 8 electrifying months.
Kate Kennedy
Name: Kate Kennedy
Hometown: Marlow
Comedy Inspiration: You can’t beat Stewart Lee. But I love Sharon Horgan and Julia Davis.
How long have you been performing comedy? I’ve performed stand-up a handful of times- started around March this year.
How does it feel to be in the final? Being in the final of the Funny Women Awards is like getting a piggy back from a butterfly. Flappy and slightly implausible.
Tamar Broadbent
Name: Tamar Broadbent
Hometown: Ashtead, Surrey
Comedy Inspiration: A bit of South Park, a bit of Python, various life events, and my Mum and Dad.
How long have you been performing comedy? Two years. My first ever gig was at Funny Women Brighton Nights. And what a gig it was!
How does it feel to be in the final? I am thrilled to be in the Funny Women Final, alongside such a brilliantly
talented group of women. I am already planning which pub to drag them all along to afterwards!

Jane Postlethwaite FWA

Name: Jane Postlethwaite

Hometown: Cumbrian living in Brighton & Hove

Comedy Inspiration: I was exposed to comedy from a very young age. My main comedy inspiration is Julia Davis as I love her dark sense of humour. I am also a fan of League of Gentlemen team, Julie Walters, Victoria Wood, Maria Bamford and Chris Lilley.
How long have you been performing comedy? I have been performing my own comedy writing for just over two years.
How does it feel to be in the final? I decided in January 2015 that this year was going to kick arse, especially for my comedy! I wrote and performed my first ever solo Brighton Fringe show in May and now I am through to the Funny Women Finals. I think I may be the first Cumbrian comedian to get to the Funny Women finals. Am I? I feel so proud. I am so excited about the finals which are also on my birthday. I’ll be baking cakes for us all. It’s going to be a really great night as the standard is so high again this year.

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