Lynne Parker

Lynne Parker

Viv Groskop: Say Sorry to the Lady

So sorry for the lateness of this review but there are still two more opportunities to catch Viv Groskop’s debut full Edinburgh Fringe run.  Oh sorry… I’m not meant to apologise either…

The propensity to apologise is at the crux of this show and Viv uses this to create new material every night.  Audience members are asked to contribute by apologising for past misdemeanours which are later revealed in an unravelling narrative which Viv controls in her delightfully bossy ‘head girl meets dominatrix’ style.

In this show Viv plays to her strengths as a writer, comic, improviser, host and general observer of life.  She uses her skills to manipulate the audience and they are in effect laughing at their own material.  It is, of course, all cleverly structured and devised and the kind of show that gets wilder and funnier towards the end of its run.

I’m guessing that if you go along tonight or tomorrow you will catch Viv at the top of her game. Please don’t apologise for our recommendation though…


Viv Groskop is at The Stand Comedy Club 3 & 4 (Venue 12) until 3oth August, 8.20pm. For more information click here!

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