Kate Stone

Kate Stone

Tiff Stevenson: Mad Man

If you ever feel like you would like to hear some funny yet wise words then I suggest you hot foot it to a Tiff Stevenson show immediately. Tiff’s new show Man Man is about what makes a person, and how they portray themselves.

Finding identity and cultural betrayal in band t-shirts, Tiff explains why stars such as Iggy Azalea and Jennifer Lopez aren’t the greatest role models for 10 year old girls, ridicules Katie Hopkins career of being hateful and points out the absurdity in Donald Trump remarking on Heidi Klum’s looks.

Tiff is fearless in this show, finding tragi-comedy in the plight of women in the middle east and western feminism’s discourse on who is more oppressed.

You will leave this show wondering why Tiff isn’t running for president anywhere.


Tiff Stevenson: Mad Man is at The Stand Comedy Club 5&6 at 4.05pm. For more information click here!


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